Alsa-Driver and Bug #122560

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Sun Oct 14 03:33:42 BST 2007

Good evening,

I would like to bring attention to Bug #122560,, which currently has 4 
duplicates, but it deals with no sound for those that have an ICH8 Family HD 
Audio Controller and Gutsy.

I recently upgraded to a Dell Latitude D820 which has this chipset in the 
audio and in Gutsy I didn't have sound.  I followed the advice in this bug 
comment ( and am 
able to solve the problem.

For those that don't take the time to read either link, the solution is to 
download the alsa-driver-1.015rc3.tar.bz2 from the ftp site, and add it to 
your modules.  While this is great that it solves I am wondering if we could 
get this updated version of alsa-driver in, thus solving the bug for everyone 
that has reported it, and will report it once 7.10 goes live.



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