Demoting Xubuntu packages to universe

Luis de Bethencourt bethencourt at
Fri Nov 30 10:39:24 GMT 2007

I agree it will have a vast amounts of benefits and very few downfalls.
I think it is a great idea!

Luis de Bethencourt

On Nov 30, 2007 11:27 AM, Mario Limonciello <superm1 at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I briefly talked to Code Somerville (somerville32) and Colin Watson
> (cjwatson) about the idea of demoting all of the xubuntu packages to
> universe during the hardy cycle.
> -----
> There are two driving reasons behind this:
> 1)
> Since the Feisty cycle, the ability to build disks that utilize universe
> has been added to the cdimage build system.  This was used for building
> Ubuntu Studio disks, and can now be used for any other distros
> interested in doing similar tasks.
> 2)
> The site is growing very large.  Removing Xubuntu
> ISOs would make mirror providers more apt to continue to mirror the site.
> ------
> Technically, there shouldn't be any major changes necessary to implement
> this.  It would actually make life a little easier on Xubuntu
> development since core-dev sponsors wouldn't be needed for updating
> packages.  It would also alleviate the current requirement for filing an
> MIR every time there is a new feature or dependency added upstream.
> The downside (or upside depending upon how you look at it) will be
> Xubuntu's commercial support.  Traditionally, Canonical hasn't supported
> anything inside Universe.  Support for these products was always left to
> the community.  Clearly something would have to change here.
> So what are people's thoughts and concerns about this?
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