Hardy translations opening planning

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Mon Nov 26 22:22:32 GMT 2007

Hi Carlos,

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 01:53:28PM +0100, Carlos Perelló Marín wrote:
> As discussed on irc today with mdz and pitti, I bring this discussion
> here.

> In our Launchpad schedule, we have this Thursday as the day to start
> doing language pack exports for Hardy from Launchpad.

> I would like to confirm it's ok for you to start the opening for Hardy
> right now. We cannot tell you when will it be ready because with all
> recent changes in Launchpad, any previous timings are useless.

This is fine with me, thanks.

> Also, I would like to know, for future releases, whether you would
> prefer to have a language pack available for the Alpha release instead
> of start having language packs after that release or just keep the same
> schedule as the one we had in Gutsy and what we have now for Hardy. This
> is just a hint to help us to schedule this task for hardy + 1.

Since the first Alpha is, after all, very much developer-oriented, I think
it's fine if the language pack is not yet available.

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