Using the "patch" tag for bugs

Emmet Hikory persia at
Mon Nov 26 16:04:51 GMT 2007

Fellow Developers,
    Malone currently tracks a flag for bug attachments that indicate
whether the bug is a patch or not, and we've a few URLs here and there
that point to bug searches that use this flag to select patches from
users that might be suitable for inclusion in the archive.  Recently,
I've had a couple new Contributors looking for ways to help mention to
me that some of the bugs returned by these searches don't contain any
patches, and my own investigations indicate that this mechanism seems
to have about a 50% hit rate.

    There is also a "patch" tag that is applied to some bugs
sporadically in Malone, most of which seem to have actual patches that
could be applied to things, and there are similarly a few URLs in
various places indicating that this is a good means to find patches.

    In an attempt to better triage the submitted solutions, with the
intention of encouraging Contributors to review submitted patches for
inclusion, I had been triaging bugs with attachments with the patch
flag set, removing the patch flag from attachments that weren't
patches, and adding the "patch" tag where there appeared to be a patch
waiting for inclusion.  My triage plan had also included adding the
"patch" tag where there was a inline patch in a comment or an explicit
description of a solution (e,g, "package libfoo should be in section:
libs", "line 14 of debian/rules should be adjusted to use a {...}
construction, as it causes a FTBFS", "The package works fine if the
shebang line in /usr/bin/bar is set to #!/usr/bin/python2.4").
Further, I'd planned on removing the "patch" tag from bugs where
either the provided patch had been explicitly rejected by someone or
shown to be wrong.

    Sebastien Bacher suggested that before proceeding with this
wholesale, I should ask others opinions on the value of the "patch"
tag, and whether such triage might be useful towards organising
patches for further review.  I'd welcome any suggestions that would
meet the objective of assisting with triage of community-submitted
patches towards encouraging review by maintainers (whether
Contributors or Developers).


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