SRU policy for universe (was Re: Pending SRU Request; What to do?)

Mario Limonciello superm1 at
Tue Nov 20 15:42:09 GMT 2007

> I think that the goals are consistent.  The trick is how we instantiate
> the
> goal in policy and procedure.
> The old policy of motu-sru approving placed too high a barrier to entry,
> primarily due to manpower issues in Universe (IIRC).  The current policy
> of
> allowing any MOTU to upload based on their judgement places it too low.
> The trick now if finding the correct balance.  Just placing increased
> controls
> is not sufficient to ensure uploads to -proposed will be good.  The only
> actual regression in a -proposed upload I've helped people get out from
> under
> recently (downgrade back to the published version) was in Main.
I was briefly discussing this with Emmet and we were both in agreement that
some sort of peer review system should be re instantiated.

The idea that we had thought was perhaps requiring two acks from ~ubuntu-dev
members.  This will make sure that some eyes get on it, without the
necessity of taking an archive admin's time to review the entire thing.

Another idea I was proposing was maybe requiring it to be sent to an
~ubuntu-dev or ~motu PPA.  I say a team PPA because then you won't be
filling up your already possibly in use personal PPA that people might
subscribe to who don't need the fix yet.   Typically you aren't looking for
linda/lintian/packaging changes on an SRU but instead you want
functionality.  This could then lower the barrier for people having to do
large SRU builds locally since they could just wget the debs from the team
PPA.  Also, could SRUs be cross pocket copied over from the PPA to -proposed
this way?

Mario Limonciello
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