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Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at
Tue Nov 13 10:00:45 GMT 2007

> On 11/11/2007, Brandon Holtsclaw <imbrandon at> wrote:
> > The UbuntuWire Server Development Team is pleased to announce the resumption of
> > the UbuntuWire Community Network, with the introduction of
> >
> > and
> Assuming the community finds these services helpful, would there be
> any obvious reasons not to point and
> at the server?

After talking a bit with the other UbuntuWire sysadmins I think this
would be a great idea, and we are more than willing to set apache to
anwser for that domain if The Comminuty can convince Canonical thats
what it wants and they point the dns records to that server [ via A or
cname ] ( I'm more than willing to help with this on both fronts ).

> The existing people.u.c could then be moved to,
> which as per the previous thread on this subject is probably a more
> coherent place for it;

The ONLY problem i see with this is migrating existing things like
~ubuntu-archive to either or, dosent support team urls
atm ( but i'm sure if that was a deciding factor it could be added )

> as I understand it (please correct me if I'm
> wrong) all Canonical employees, regardless of whether they work on
> Ubuntu or not have a user there.

yes thats correct afaik

Also as far as since it dosent exist in anyform at the
moment it could be done right away without the migration problems.

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at

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