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Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at
Sun Nov 11 14:12:02 GMT 2007

The UbuntuWire Server Development Team is pleased to announce the resumption of
the UbuntuWire Community Network, with the introduction of
and  The UbuntuWire community has reorganised,  and expects to
be able to provide additional services in the future. provides local accounts for all Ubuntu developers, with
limited web hosting and job scheduling in a feisty environment.  This resource
is intended as a base for collaboration and sharing of simple scripts,
interesting data files, and similar information in support of Ubuntu
development. provides access to regularly scheduled runs of many of the
automated Quality Assurance scripts available, and is expected to be a useful
resource in ensuring the overall quality of future Ubuntu releases.

About the UbuntuWire Community Network

The UbuntuWire Community Network was first established in February 2006,
providing multi-architectural build services for Ubuntu developers, has been
hosting REVU since August 2007, and introduced an Ubuntu-specific
Google powered
search engine in October 2007.

UbuntuWire grew out of a desire to provide a single set of static resources for
Ubuntu developers, that otherwise is distributed over a wide variety of hosts,
with different update rates and different levels of stability.  By coordinating
the administration of available servers, and providing consistent linking to
recommended services, UbuntuWire hopes to fill the gap between what Canonical
Ltd. is able to provide for the Ubuntu development community, and what
is needed
for an efficient workflow.

UbuntuWire is growing, and hopes to restore all previously provided services
soon.  If there is a service you need to support Ubuntu development, please
contact the UbuntuWire Server Administration Team at admin at

For more information, please visit

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at

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