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Stefan Potyra <stefan.potyra at> writes:

>> I suggest we use a common debian/README.ubuntu-dev file to do this.
> Isn't debian/changelog the place where this should get documented?

I totally agree with Scott that we should strongly encourage, if not
even enforce making notes during merging. However I also agree with
Stefan that I haven't seen a single package where the format of
debian/changelog would have been inappropriate for taking down these
notes. Instead while looking through {gutsy,hardy}-changes, I see quite
a lot of uploads where the changelog message doesn't really explain the
change, or the it does only make sense in combination with the debdiff.

Since we are working in a team, and we rely on each others work
espc. while merging stuff, I'd suggest that we give some clear
guidelines how to write "good" changelog entries in debian/changelog.
Martin has recently even written some for Stable Release Updates, and I
really do appreciate REJECTS for uploads with bad changelog entries for
SRUs. I think we should extend the idea of improving changelogs for
development releases as well. [1]

TBH, I can imagine that there are some packages where the packaging
differs from debian quite much, so that I wanted to write some notes
down about this. I think I have used README.ubuntu for that in the past,
but I cannot remember which package that was.

[1]  well, not exactly with REJECTS, since uploads aren't moderated, but
you get the idea, I hope.
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