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Wed Nov 7 17:12:08 GMT 2007


Am Mittwoch, 7. November 2007 18:01 schrieb Scott James Remnant:
> While you're doing merges and upstream updates, you're probably trying
> to work out what you did six months ago; maybe someone else did it!
> Some packages you need to download patches from some other website
> (where they're kept up to date).
> Others you might have to follow certain steps to regenerate files, etc.
> Figuring this out, or remembering it, each time is tedious.
> I'd encourage you all, as you do this, to document what steps you take,
> where you get the patches, why certain decisions were made, etc.
> I suggest we use a common debian/README.ubuntu-dev file to do this.

Isn't debian/changelog the place where this should get documented?

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