Ubuntu Studio built by Canonical using Universe.

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Fri Jul 27 14:33:15 BST 2007

Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> > At this point it *is* about resources. We can't reasonably build CDs on
> > the master build system for every possible flavour who might want them;
> > note that there is also a support burden in doing so, it slows down
> > urgent primary builds, etc.
> I missed a section of what I was going to say - that the
> ubuntu/kubuntu/edubuntu builds take precedence here, and always will, as
> they're the supported flavours.
This is something Ubuntu Studio hopes to become. A "supported flavour".
At least in as much as Xubuntu is. I have had several chats with Mark
and he was supportive. I even think we were shown along-side the other
*buntus at the opening chat in Sevilla. Seems like _someone_ likes us. :)
> Anything that is a community build, like xubuntu and ubuntu-studio would
> be expected to watch what's happening in #ubuntu-devel for status
> reports,  make sure that their cds are ready, and wait until all the
> other builds are done.
This is completely reasonable and what we expected to do along with
getting more hands-on where needed.
> However, whether there are the computational resources for building the
> cds I obviously can't comment on.
This is something I didn't factor in as well. Still, I feel a solution
can be found. :)
> (And no, i'm not spelling flavours wrong, for anyone who is curious -
> it's the Australian spelling)
> Hobbsee


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