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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
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Ian Jackson [2007-07-06 10:41 +0100]:
> > In the case of Debian I guess this doesn't mean anything apart from
> > using the end-user's From: address in the email sent to file the bug,
> > but that's effectively what they use for credentials there AIUI.
> You seem to have completely missed my point.
> Debian are going to be _very upset_ if you arrange for Launchpad to
> send bug submission mails to the Debian BTS without getting a
> go-ahead from Debian.  The fact that you're doing it on behalf of some
> user and putting their name in the From: doesn't help address that.

I think that mostly depends on how the implementation is done.

There are a number of things that LP could do for me that do not
influence the upstream bug quality (very much), but help to make
forwarding more efficient: Ideally, when clicking on "File bug
upstream...", the following would happen:

 * I get a new browser window with upstream's bug filing page, with me
   already being logged in, and some fields already pre-filled (such
   as affected package, or the URL: field in Gnome bugzilla, which
   should point to the Ubuntu bug).

 * I type the problem description from upstream's perspective and fill
   out the remaining fields that upstream wants to have in bug

 * I click on the submit button, which would then automatically link
   the bug in an upstream LP task.

Of course this ideal state probably cannot be implemented completely
for all existing bug trackers (quite tricky with debbugs, for
example), it's just how I would like it to look like.

This would take the boring technical details out of the process while
still leaving the important bits, which are IMHO:

 * Not circumventing upstream's forms and UI.

 * Not trying to generate a sensible upstream bug description from the
   Ubuntu bug trail.



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