Tracking down scons FTBFS issues.

Mark Brown broonie at
Tue Jul 10 19:22:08 BST 2007

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 09:22:24AM +0100, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 01:15:10AM +0200, Michael Bienia wrote:

> > HASH(0x82d9204)=

> Packages using scons have this problem because they attempt to pass the
> environment on the command line to env(1) without quoting it.  This is a bug
> in scons.

I've just reported this upstream[1] since the issue doesn't seem to have
been raised anywhere.  The problem is triggered by build systems which
pass the entire system environment into the SCons environment object -
by default SCons sets up environment variables for its children from
scratch so wouldn't try to pass on these variables.  Until SCons is
fixed the packages can avoid the problem by only passing on extra
environment variables that they actually use.


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