Bug workflow - a wider view

Christian Robottom Reis kiko at async.com.br
Thu Jul 5 20:44:33 BST 2007

On Thu, Jul 05, 2007 at 07:25:16PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Christian Robottom Reis writes ("Re: Bug workflow - a wider view"):
> > One of the top issues we discussed at last week's Launchpad planning
> > sprint was how to do better forwarding of bugs upstream. This covered a
> > number of areas:
> >  [ generally, manipulating upstream bug systems via launchpad ]
> I am quite worried.

Thanks for sharing your concerns. We'll be sure to be tactful when
actually implementing this; it's more likely that the first step will
just to make it easier for an end-user with credentials in the remote
bug tracker to file the bug (and he'll have to add the bug watch as a
second manual step, though we'll try to make that easier too).

In the case of Debian I guess this doesn't mean anything apart from
using the end-user's From: address in the email sent to file the bug,
but that's effectively what they use for credentials there AIUI.
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