SRU policy for universe, #2

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jan 29 14:31:05 GMT 2007


Stefan Potyra [2007-01-29 14:34 +0100]:
> The current policy is at

Thanks for the pointer, it looks good mainly.

I updated this policy, ubuntu-sru should be subscribed to the bug, not
ubuntu-archive. This helps us to separate SRUs and other archive
requests in a better way. This will be fixed in the main SRU policy
as well.

The only problem that I see now is that there is no
'verification-motu-done' tag involved, thus it is not possible for
ubuntu-sru guys like me to get a list of approved *-updates. 

However, since I do not actually want to approve -updates uploads, I
propose that ubuntu-motu-sru monitors these bugs and is responsible
for getting the package uploaded to -updates once it is approved. Then
I can just look in the unapproved queue, see the bug report
from the changelog and open the bug.

Does that work for you? If so, can you please update the policy wrt.
-updates uploading accordingly?



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