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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Jan 18 15:28:48 GMT 2007

Hi Matt,

Matt Zimmerman [2007-01-16 12:38 -0800]:
> No, it doesn't exist already, and that was intended as a one-time process
> for packages which have already been modified.  That is, it should be
> straightforward to do an automated upload of all modified source packages to
> change the maintainer to an Ubuntu address.

Uh, that's going to be a pain for the mirrors, but if we need it, then

> In order to ensure that this field is updated when new packages are
> modified, this should be added at least to dpkg-buildpackage (as a check, to
> warn or even fail the build if it isn't set corectly) and possibly to dch as
> you suggest.
> Can you take responsibility for these tasks?

Sure. Matthias, you apparently have a script to do such mass uploads,
is it easy enough for me to understand and adapt to this (I need to
run it on ronne or so, it'd kill my quota to do it at home)? Otherwise
I just hack something on my own.


Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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