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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Jan 17 22:58:58 GMT 2007


Am Mittwoch 17 Januar 2007 17:43 schrieb Jordan Mantha:

> > * any motu can do uploads to -proposed that won't land in any queue,
> > motu-sru would do the verification which is now done by archive-admins,
> > once the package is already in -proposed. Note that this might backfire,
> > because it implies somewhat to allow everything in the first place and
> > remove the bad stuff then, whereas we currently queue all stuff and allow
> > only the good pieces.
> Why couldn't motu-sru do the "archive verification" before it's uploaded?

How could this be done? We see only the debdiff (which we check) and can then 
see the upload once it's done. Maybe you misunderstood my proposal: We would 
still check the sanity of the debdiff, and MOTUs would be required to get 
three acks before uploading to -proposed.

> Overall, I feel our SRU policy has gone on a pendulum swing. We started
> out with really no policy, if a MOTU felt an important bug needed fixing
> he'd check it by somebody and then upload to -updates. Now we have this
> super rigid process that is taking way too long and has an awful lot of
> hoops to jump through. I thought the whole idea of -proposed was that we
> could upload, more or less, as we did before, but that -proposed offered
> a buffer or DMZ area for testing before it finally goes off to -updates.

Hm... I like that idea, to have -proposed as "DMZ". I guess it would be big 
advantage if any MOTU just could fire off a proposed fix without any delays 
and thus make bug reports concerning bugs in released versions more 
interactive. This might even help in getting test reports (sorry, I didn't 
provide any data for it yet, as there are only few packages in -proposed, but 
my impression is that testing is a little bit stagnant, though it's premature 
to talk about that yet).

However I see two possible problems with this:
1) version numbers: if any MOTU would use a too high version number for a 
proposed SRU, that very package would be locked in -proposed. (At least 
unless it would get removed, but see Tollef's mail about it).
2) If all the checks would be done only prior to -updates, people might get 
the fix into -proposed and then not do the tedious task of getting it 
into -updates.

It still might be worth a try.

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