SRU policy for universe

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Thu Jan 18 07:01:28 GMT 2007

Stefan Potyra skrev:

> However I see two possible problems with this:
> 1) version numbers: if any MOTU would use a too high version number for a 
> proposed SRU, that very package would be locked in -proposed. (At least 
> unless it would get removed, but see Tollef's mail about it).

We won't remove packages from a pocket because of this, but we could 
limit the manual check to a small list (of which checking the version 
number would be one).  While we can't yet remove packages from pockets 
when they have been accepted, it's certainly possible to reject packages 
from the unapproved queue.

> 2) If all the checks would be done only prior to -updates, people might get 
> the fix into -proposed and then not do the tedious task of getting it 
> into -updates.

This might be a problem, but this could be worked around by removing 
packages from -proposed after a month (or so).  This would require 
fixing the "remove packages from non-release pockets", but fixing that 
should be relatively easy.

- tfheen

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