SRU policy for universe

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Wed Jan 17 12:22:18 GMT 2007

Hi folks,

given the long waiting times [1], until a proposed update even lands 
in -proposed, I must admit that the current sru policy for universe is a 
failure. Thus I'd like to start a discussion how to improve it.

My proposal is, that the motu-sru team should be able to manage the -proposed 
queue for universe packages. The impact would be quite reduced waiting times. 
However I don't know if thats currently possible with lp.

Other options are (also I don't know if these are possible with lp as is):
* motu-sru can do uploads to -proposed that won't land in any queue

* any motu can do uploads to -proposed that won't land in any queue, motu-sru 
would do the verification which is now done by archive-admins, once the 
package is already in -proposed. Note that this might backfire, because it 
implies somewhat to allow everything in the first place and remove the bad 
stuff then, whereas we currently queue all stuff and allow only the good 

Other suggestions?

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