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Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Jan 9 17:07:10 GMT 2007

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi,
> Henrik Nilsen Omma [2007-01-08 17:29 +0100]:
>> For Herd 2 we will start an effort to expand the testing of ISO images 
>> by involving more contributors. We've set up a forum section to 
>> encourage participation from the wider community 
>> During the Herd 2 
>> release we will make a gradual start on the forum-based testing and see 
>> what we learn from that.
> TBH I do not like using a forum for this at all. Although the data
> input might scale well, evaluating the data becomes very hard. The
> wiki page provides a quick overview about the coverage, regressions,
> and everyone can immediately see where more tests need to be done.

OK, I should clarify: The forum section is not meant to replace the wiki 
page, but simply supplement it. I would think that the additional 
testing we get to start with will almost not be noticeable to those who 
are testing in the established way. A few new names and test results 
might dribble in.

We shouldn't change this procedure radically. That would throw too many 
people off in what is a very hectic period. I'm not expecting any of the 
current testers to post in the forums. Simon and I (and Tollef if he has 
any time) will check it periodically for useful test results. Hopefully 
we'll get enough forum leaders/moderators on-board to help collate the data.

Others should just continue as usual. I don't envision a migration over 
to a forum based system either, but rather that we migrate the both wiki 
and the forum setup over to ScalableInstallationTesting when it's ready.

> That's Indeed it
> needs more discussion, so we will not get it for Feisty. Until then I
> think that we should not reinvent the wheel yet another time.

Not reinventing, just adding a second wheel ;)
> That would already help a bit. In addition, we should have two tables
> for desktop and alternate, so that it is easier to find a particular
> test.
So three pages (U/K/Edubuntu) each with two tables might be a good start.

I was thinking the general instructions and the bug info would appear on 
the common Testing/Current page. So you end up with 4 pages in total. 
Not a radical change but it should cut down on edit conflicts.


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