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Henrik Nilsen Omma [2007-01-08 17:29 +0100]:
> For Herd 2 we will start an effort to expand the testing of ISO images 
> by involving more contributors. We've set up a forum section to 
> encourage participation from the wider community 
> During the Herd 2 
> release we will make a gradual start on the forum-based testing and see 
> what we learn from that.

TBH I do not like using a forum for this at all. Although the data
input might scale well, evaluating the data becomes very hard. The
wiki page provides a quick overview about the coverage, regressions,
and everyone can immediately see where more tests need to be done.

> One problem is that the test page 
> does not scale very well (this 
> is already a problem). There has been talk of a more scalable web-based 
> solution, but I'm not sure what the status of that is.

That's Indeed it
needs more discussion, so we will not get it for Feisty. Until then I
think that we should not reinvent the wheel yet another time.

> I'd like to at least chop the current page into smaller pieces so that 
> there will be less blocking when trying to update it and less scrolling. 
> The easiest would be to split out Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu on 
> separate pages with one small summary page.

That would already help a bit. In addition, we should have two tables
for desktop and alternate, so that it is easier to find a particular

The only thing that's common between the derivatives is the bug list.
This is pretty handy to avoid filing duplicate lists, but if we just
add the bug number to all tests and always check the other two
derivative pages (or just existing bug reports) before filing a new
one, this should work just about as well IMHO.



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