Critical/highly severe bug in Gutsy, noone seems to notice

Thomas Novin thnov at
Wed Aug 22 20:29:51 BST 2007

Hi all

I'm a bit worried about a problem that seems to exist in the VESA driver
that ships with Gutsy. I was about to file a bug on launchpad but found
there were already several similar issues. 4 of them with status
New/Undecided and one with Confirmed/High but none of them are assigned
to a specific person/group.

To describe the problem quickly; If you have a ATI X???? graphics card
which seems to be popular on laptops, Xorg won't start thus making a
normal install impossible.

Launchpad URLs:

Is this the right forum to attempt to get some attention? It is approx.
one month left to the Gutsy beta so I recon that something needs to be
done pretty quickly.


Thomas Novin <thnov at>

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