How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Sebastian Heinlein sebi at
Sat Sep 30 00:10:38 BST 2006

Am Freitag, den 29.09.2006, 17:28 -0500 schrieb Kilz _:
> According to these links Ubuntu is interested in users suggestions. To
> me 
> that's a big fat lie. Because the developers sure don't want
> suggestions. 
> They want road maps with everything spelled out. They want you to
> travel to 
> another country.
> Also don't bother pointing out what user after user of the distro you
> use 
> requests. Don't point out that a howto for 32bit firefox on amd64 has
> 32k 
> hits on it on the forum. Don't point out the 19k hits on my wine
> tutorial as 
> proof that wine and firefox is needed for 64bit users. Developers wont
> take 
> that as the clue that its needed. If they do they will come up with
> some 
> other excuse. Because they dont want to make it easier for users.
> To me its all some big sad joke. All the while we read all over the
> net how 
> Ubuntu is out to make  it easier for the user switching over. Sorry if
> you 
> don't get the sarcasm in my posts and think its anger. It isn't. But
> realize 
> I'm laughing AT you (in a sad "what a joke these people are" kind of
> way). 
> Not with you. 

Please watch you language. If you want somebody to invest free time or
development resources in your needs, insulting the corresponding persons
is absolutely the wrong way.

Furthermore you should show a little bit more respect to the work of
others. The guys at Canonical and many contributors from the community
work quite hard and spend a lot of their spare time for the project.

Here's nobody who would not like to see these things working out of the
box. But please consider the amount of work only - and yes I say only -
to bring some proprietary software to 64bit systems. It is not an easy
task. The software vendors decided to not support this computer type, so
at first you should blame them. This is the nature of proprietary

I agree, that there should be a small sentence about missing proprietary
software for 64 bit systems in the documentation. There seem to be a lot
of people who installed a 64 bit system, but who should have chosen a 32
bit system to fit their needs.

And please don't forget that this about an operating system and not
about salvation.


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