How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

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Fri Sep 29 23:28:03 BST 2006

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>Subject: Re: How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?
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>I don't understand your complaint. Are you arguing that Ubuntu paid
>developers don't work on what you want? Are you angry that they didn't
>choose to work on this? Are you angry that nobody did it for free? Are
>you angry that you can't do it yourself?
>Just what are you angry about? I'll take my reply in private, too.

I think this one is to good for hiding in private.
I'm not really angry, don't try to make me out as some angry person. I'm 
more amazed that the lie continues. What lie am I talking about? Well its 
one that you may not be aware of. In that case let me clue you in.

According to these links Ubuntu is interested in users suggestions. To me 
that's a big fat lie. Because the developers sure don't want suggestions. 
They want road maps with everything spelled out. They want you to travel to 
another country.
Also don't bother pointing out what user after user of the distro you use 
requests. Don't point out that a howto for 32bit firefox on amd64 has 32k 
hits on it on the forum. Don't point out the 19k hits on my wine tutorial as 
proof that wine and firefox is needed for 64bit users. Developers wont take 
that as the clue that its needed. If they do they will come up with some 
other excuse. Because they dont want to make it easier for users.
To me its all some big sad joke. All the while we read all over the net how 
Ubuntu is out to make  it easier for the user switching over. Sorry if you 
don't get the sarcasm in my posts and think its anger. It isn't. But realize 
I'm laughing AT you (in a sad "what a joke these people are" kind of way). 
Not with you.

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