How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sat Sep 30 18:56:32 BST 2006

On Sat, Sep 30, 2006 at 02:16:01PM +0200, Alexandre Strube wrote:
> Em sáb, 2006-09-30 às 01:14 +0200, Florian Zeitz escreveu:
> > Yes you are certainly right. Many people want it.But from a technical
> > point of view it sucks (might be a bit harsh, but isn't that untrue
> > after all).
> > And understandably developers don't want to have to support something
> > that just isn't done the right way.
> I was thinking about this matter of support. Correct me if i'm wrong,
> but Firefox's source is only one for 32 & 64 bits, isn't it? I mean,
> both are generated from the same source package.
> How hard could it be to add a sort of "hybrid" arch, one which would
> compile 32-bit firefox for amd64 the same way it does for i386, but then
> just put it in the correct places on the amd64 directory structure on
> the binary package?

This thread is starting to go in circles; this was discussed at the very

The primary reason this is a lot of work is that it requires that the same
thing be done for the development libraries used to build Firefox.

So far, the best short-term solution would seem to be the plugin adapter
mentioned earlier which would allow 32-bit plugins to be used with 64-bit

 - mdz

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