How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at
Fri Sep 29 23:29:37 BST 2006

> Thanks for proving that all my points were true. It seems Ubuntu dosnt care
> about new users at all, or at least you dont. The next time someone tells
> me they do Ill remember these posts, and the link to them in the archives.
> They should be a hoot on my blog and on groklaw.

I have to quote Jerry on this one and add a few things ...
>I don't understand your complaint. Are you arguing that Ubuntu paid
>developers don't work on what you want? Are you angry that they didn't
>choose to work on this? Are you angry that nobody did it for free? Are
>you angry that you can't do it yourself?

If this is truely that important to you IMPLAMENT IT , thats the great thing 
about FL/OSS you have the RIGHT to do so.

This has gone way beond the scope of the -devel list ( as there is no /work/ 
being done on this ) please move this thread elsewhere. The developers have 
made their statements clear in that they dont think the way to go 
about "fixing" your issue is the way you propose ( e.g. installing and 
maintaing 32bit browersers on 64bit systems to apease closed source vendors ) 
so you will have to either rally some devlopers togather to do this or do it 
your self, but you have that RIGHT under the GPL.

Unless you have something more CONSTRUCTIVE to add , please refrain from 
holding a non-devlopment disscussion on the development list

P.S. Do you really thing not having flash player or win32codecs stops me from 
using my ppc ibook with kubuntu every day? these things dont make an OS 

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at

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