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Rich Johnson nixternal at
Thu Sep 28 14:51:57 BST 2006

On Thursday 28 September 2006 02:15, Gnu/Linux Technology wrote:
> Some crazy suggestions in absolut...based of what I do after an
> installation of Ububtu.
> 1) Remove Evolution replaced by Thunderbird
> 2) Remove Totem replaced by VLC
> 3) Add xmms + Streamtuner + Streamripper, Beagle.
> 4) Add all non free stuff  : java, flash, w32codec, libdvdcss, xnview,
> frostwire, aMule, Skype, Google Earth
>    => I could see during install party that it is the more diificult
> part to explain why this stuff is not inside Ubuntu according to GPL.
> Newbies don't understand why the distro is not functionnal out of the
> box (like it was in 2004 releases of Simply MEPIS).
> Could there be a walk around to easily offer this option? Perhaps by
> enabling non-free repos in Synaptic?
> Some distros like Open SuSe have a licence validation before installing
> to enable java and flash, what do you think about this way?
> This choices are more political than technical, but we have to talk
> about to find how to allows more and more users to migrate to open-systems.

I swore this horse was at the glue factory already. Nope, guess not!

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