Science-fiction ;-)

Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at
Thu Sep 28 10:36:27 BST 2006

Gnu/Linux Technology wrote:
> Some crazy suggestions in absolut...based of what I do after an 
> installation of Ububtu.
> Could there be a walk around to easily offer this option? Perhaps by 
> enabling non-free repos in Synaptic?

Actually, most of the extras that you mention have already been
considered in the CommonCustomizations specification which was discussed
at the Ubuntu Summit in Paris:

It has also been discussed extensively on the Ubuntu Forums:

Matt Zimmerman is working to add meta-packages to the Universe,
Multiverse and Commercial repositories to make it easy to install these
commonly added packages for Ubuntu.

If you read the spec, you will find a clear explanation of why various
commonly installed packages cannot be added to Ubuntu as a default.

Hope this helps,


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