Proposal for solving CD Size problems

plougher phillip.lougher at
Thu Sep 28 00:49:07 BST 2006

Christian Leber wrote:
>I'm just pondering to make a squashfs3.1-r2 with lzma, but i'm unsure if
>it's thread save, will see.

I added multi-threading to Mksquashfs 3.1.  However, there is the necessary
thread locking around the compression routines, as it is needed for zlib. 
LZMA compression should just drop in.  You should be aware that multiple
zlib workspaces are now used, and something similar may be needed for LZMA.

Kernel wise, the Squashfs 3.1 code hasn't changed that much since 3.0. 
However to solve an SMP issue, I changed the zlib workspace to be a per
filesystem structure (in msblk), rather than being a globally shared
workspace as in 3.0 and previous versions.

If you do try to do this, and hit any problems, please email me.


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