Will Firefox no longer be named Firefox?

Scott Dier dieman at ringworld.org
Tue Sep 26 20:29:10 BST 2006

My guess is they will 'simplify' it for 'us' by giving us a patch set 
they want us to use for all released distributions, most likely forcing 
upgrades to the latest-and-greatest at all times.  In the end, breaking 
the apps behavior over time, too.


Jan Claeys wrote:
> Op di, 26-09-2006 te 10:51 -0500, schreef Paul Marshall:
>> My initial email still stands for #2 -- why wouldn't someone
>> (including ubuntu developers) with a security patch work directly with
>> the moz foundation? 
> Hm, what do you think will happen if hundreds of distributions start
> sending their patches for n different versions of Firefox to
> Mozilla.org?  Will they hire a team of extra developers just to read all
> those patches?  Fast response times (within hours/days) would be
> necessary in certain cases, e.g. for security patches or when a serious
> bug is fixed days before a planned release...

Scott Dier <dieman at ringworld.org>

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