Bug Triage Privileges

Rocco Stanzione grasshopper at linuxkungfu.org
Tue Sep 12 02:55:18 BST 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 8:12 pm, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 10, 2006 at 10:30:20PM -0500, Rocco Stanzione wrote:
> > When I say "triage" I refer to setting the importance of a bug, which I
> > was sure until recently was the same thing.
> >
> > I understand the reasoning behind restricting the privilege.  I'm not
> > sure I understand why it's been restricted to such a small group.  It's
> > probably quite safe, for example, to give triaging privileges to all
> > ubuntu members, and probably to all bugsquad members, though the
> > selection process there is less formal.  Triaging bugs is, according to
> > piles of wiki pages, a very useful way for a non-developer to contribute,
> > but all or nearly all of those who are *able* to triage are developers. 
> > Still more wiki pages and docs explain how to triage correctly, but none
> > (that I could find) indicate how to get those privileges.  When I found
> > out that it was restricted to -qa (and -dev and -core-dev), I inquired
> > about getting membership in -qa and was told that it was a very elite
> > group.  My opinion is that triaging bugs is not something that needs to
> > be restricted to an elite group, most of whom have much more useful
> > skills to apply to much more directly useful activities than triaging. 
> > Was this policy not fully thought out, or has it not yet been fully
> > implemented?  Or do I have a completely distorted view of the degree of
> > reverence and solemnity appropriate for triaging bugs?
> Can you be more specific about where you asked, who answered and what they
> said?  This group is not meant to be "elite", but it is restricted so that
> members can be verified to know the correct procedures for dealing with
> bugs.

I don't want to throw anybody under the bus for misrepresenting what I've just 
confirmed to be a poorly documented policy.  I doubt he (or she) was trying 
to mislead me.  I'll just say that it was a very familiar name, which leads 
me to believe that the misunderstanding may be pretty widespread in the 
absence of documentation.


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