How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Phillip Susi psusi at
Mon Sep 11 21:43:03 BST 2006

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Kilz _ wrote:
> Hi Developers
> I love Ubuntu, I have it as my main desktop. I also use it as a server. I am 
> also active on the forums helping 64bit users and beginners where I can. I 
> have written howto's on how to install 32bit firefox with plugins, and wine 
> to 64bit.
> I have asked this question a few times. Now I'm asking it here. How much 
> longer will 64bit systems users be second class citizens? How much longer 
> will we have to jump through hoops to get the 64bit version to work like the 
> 32bit one does? How much longer will 64bit system users be told to install 
> the 32bit version of Ubuntu on the forums. Don't think I'm asking for things 
> that cant be done. Its just things I cant do, even though I have tried.
> I know multiarch is being worked on by Debian and for some strange reason 
> 64bit users have to wait on Debian to do the development. All along I 
> thought one of the reasons for using Ubuntu was so users didn't have to wait 
> on the insanely slow Debian development process. I am also not that happy 
> that the expected version keeps slipping back until Ubuntu becomes 
> multiarch. When rpm and source distro's are already multiarch. SuSE, Fedora, 
> Gentoo, etc.
> In Edgy's release announcement 64bit users were given a slim hope. 
> we 
> were told of a first taste of multiarch. I cant seem to find that spec in 
> Edgy, can someone point me to it with a link? The more I read I find it may 
> not be until Edgy +2 or +3 before we see it. Is this true? With Intel and 
> AMD both making 64bit chips now, just how long do you think its going to 
> take until the 64bit platform is a majority?
> Next I would like to know why 64bit users cant have a distro that "just 
> works" while we are waiting. Why cant we have a 32bit Firefox and plugins 
> available? Why cant we have a 32bit Wine? Why cant we have a 32bit media 
> player available? They don't even need to be defaults. But why do 64bit 
> users have to follow howto's to install them? Don't tell me it cant be done. 
> I wrote the howto's that install them. I created a 32bit Firefox .deb file 
> most 64bit users use. Don't think it isn't necessary. There are 24,317 hits 
> on my howto . Don't say 
> that there was no spec, someone else wrote one long ago. 
> .
> Don't think I haven't asked these questions or I am alone in thinking this 
> way. and 
> . But I haven't gotten a 
> good answer. When I do I don't see anything done. Please tell me I'm wrong 
> and point me towards where its being done if it is.
> Thanks for reading and providing Ubuntu.
> Kilz

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