upstart -- call for wider testing

Darren Albers dalbers at
Mon Sep 4 20:40:07 BST 2006

David Farning wrote:
> I Installed upstart and upstart-compat-sysv packages from universe and
> rebooted.
> The splash appeared, got to mounting root.  On a 25X80 text screen I got
> a message about tty2 failing and then respawning.  Then it just sat
> there.
> I didn't do much testing.  I just thought that I would restore and start
> to document how I created the problem in the first place in order to
> debug it.
> I was using a pretty modified kernel, propritary ati driver, vmware....
> I'll try to reproduce the problem this afternoon.  
> David

I could be wrong but I thought the Sbackup only backs up your home 
directory, so a restore would only restore your home directory and not 
any system settings....   This is why you are still having the same 
issue after the restore.  I think the intended use is if you reinstall 
the system you can then restore your home environment. 

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