upstart -- call for wider testing

Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Sep 1 20:12:31 BST 2006

Results of testing upstart so far have been entirely positive, and the
next step is that it will be moved into main and replace sysvinit in our
default install.

Obviously this is slightly scary, so I'd like to ask as many people as
possible to test this.

Install the upstart and upstart-compat-sysv packages from universe.
This will ask to remove sysvinit (and thus ubuntu-minimal) in favour of
the new packages.

Once installed you'll need to reboot, make sure all your applications
are closed and data saved, and run "sudo reboot -f" (the regular
shutdown command won't work -- this will be fixed before main

Your system should reboot "normally" (you'll notice it's somewhat less
verbose unless you're using usplash).

All of the normal commands ("shutdown", "reboot", etc.) will now work.

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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