Ati Radeon Mobility LY M6 and Xorg 7.1

Rodrigo Parra Novo rodarvus at
Fri Sep 1 16:31:07 BST 2006


On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 16:57 +0200, olivier blanc wrote:
> My video chipset Ati Radeon Mobility LY M6 is not supported by the fglrx
> driver (ati proprietary driver) and Xorg does not want to load Ubuntu
> ATI driver for it's ABI relase major number is 1 and ATI driver is 0

   When did you upgraded to Edgy? The closed source 'fglrx' driver was
updated to work with X.Org 7.1 early this week.

   Knot-2 (when officially released, in a few days), will have this
driver available on the cd installation.

> Is there a plan to upgrade the Xorg-server-driver-ATI package to work
> with xorg 7.1 ? Or is there a workaround ?

   The open source 'ati' driver (do not confuse with closed source
'fglrx') is already compatible with X.Org 7.1, and works with the video
chipset described above. If it doesn't works on your configuration (and
you *really* are using this driver), this is a bug, and you should open
a bug on LaunchPad, if possible.


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