Notes on Beryl

John Stowers john.stowers.lists at
Tue Oct 31 23:33:44 GMT 2006

768 clone mode with xrandr before starting it.
> +1 on this. As far as I can tell[0], Compiz/Beryl lacks even basic
> Xinerama awareness - for example maximising a window will spread it
> across both screens. Beryl (not compiz) also seems to have issues
> switching workspaces/viewports on a dual-head system, windows seem to
> occasionally switch screens.

As of today, and from what I can tell from the Compiz git changelogs
[0], I think native multihead/Xinerama/ multiple screen stuff has just
landed on Compiz HEAD.

David R has been checking in infrastructure for the last little while
and It looks promising

Im sure this will be in the next Compiz release



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