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That makes a small moment I follow the compiz and beryl development,
personally I choose to use compiz and here the reasons which pushed me
not to use beryl. 

First of all, desktop neutrality, beryl developers rejected gconf plugin
for GNOME dependencies, well they replace it by csm, but which
specification used xfce [1] ? or kde [2] ? not a whole level system
which it's dependent on glib!!. Since compiz development version include
a dbus configuration but for now no application uses this functionality
why not build a qt/xfce application configuration with this
functionality ? 

Then window decorator, at the time of the fork knowing that no release
official had been left be, wasn't theme managable. At this moment beryl
create cgwd/emerald always dependent to glib/gtk. Since compiz include
metacity themes and so really go to the desktop neutral why not
contribute to make evolve the kde window decorator ?
The beryl best point plugins, these plugins are backported on compiz by
Mike Dransfeld [3] and they work perfectly, considering the weak
difference between compiz and beryl backport doesn't make a big problem
for the moment. 

Compiz is a part of freedesktop project, the choices even if they are
not included/understood sometimes are directed by the follow-up of the
freedesktop standard which aim to propose a common base for linux

To finish beryl is saying a friendly fork, therefore, in all logic, in a
more or less near future there will be junction of the 2 projects. And
in other case why beryl continue to include main stream modification ?

I don't doubt of the quality of the beryl code/developper, they are very
good without any context, but I think instead make a fork we should
concentrate on 3 points: 
- better window stacking management 
- improvement of kde-window-decorator 
- a better management of desktop functionality (multihead, workspaces,
etc.) in respect xorg standard while passing to the evolution towards
new the standard, randr++ for example.


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