Notes on Beryl

Mattias Eriksson snaggen at
Tue Oct 31 12:32:50 GMT 2006

Hmm... so for kubuntu.. it is ok to have a gtk based window decorator
but not a gconf based config system? Anyway, compiz can have different
configuration backends as I understand it.. so I don't see why someone
have to rip out gconf? Can't it just be replaced on xubuntu/kubuntu but
still be default on ubuntu?


tis 2006-10-31 klockan 10:24 -0200 skrev Hervé Fache:
> Hmmm.... the core system is called Ubuntu, so this list really is also
> about *ubuntu when it comes to the core of the system, and AIUI Beryl
> is meant to be part of the core, and thus DE-neutral.
> Maybe there should be two lists where there is only one: Ubuntu-core
> and Ubuntu-gnome (or Gubuntu ;-). Yes Gnome is the default, but KDE
> (and XFCE?) are officially part of the Canonical offer. What is more
> Edubuntu (also official) uses KDE AFAIK.
> Please don't just neglect us!
> Hervé.
> On 10/30/06, Corey Burger <corey.burger at> wrote:
> > Given this is ubuntu-devel, not xubuntu or kubuntu, we should be
> > talking about sane defaults for us. Sane defaults for a GNOME-based
> > distro such as ourselves in gconf. So why is a configuration system
> > other than gconf a win for a GNOME-based distro?
> >
> > Corey

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