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Corey Burger wrote:
> I have now seen several comments on about the recent Hoary EOL
> announcement only being sent to security-announce and not -announce as
> well. All of those comments seemed to indicate to me that sending only
> to the former is not going to get enough publicity.
> Then I remembered that of all the news outlets I know, only LWN
> regularly carries EOL announcements. They have carried all the recent
> Fedora and our Warty one. However, after extensive search, I did not
> find an article about Hoary's EOL on LWN.
> This leads me to believe the following: If LWN did not pick it up, it
> is a fair bet it didn't get widely circulated enough. With that in
> mind, can we resend the EOL announcement to -announce and make it part
> of policy that EOL announcements go to both?
> Corey

what if:
a last upgrade would change the desktop background with an ugly-looking
message: "this release is no longer maintained. Please upgrade to a
later Ubuntu release to protect your system against security threads."

would this work? the publicity will go straight to Desktop users, who
are the ones most likely unaware of maintenance schedules.

PS. I didn;t see any major linux news websites pickup about the death
(sic) of hoary either.

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