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Edward Murrell edward at
Wed Oct 25 02:52:53 BST 2006

Daryl Sayers wrote:
>>> I am attempting to remove the functionality of the window poping up each time
>>> I insert a CD into my server. As my server is servicing up to 10 X-Terminals
>>> this window pops up on all 10 user screens. This of course is unacceptable.
>>> My problem is that I was originally going to remove udev. When I disable
>>> it from loading at boot, it stops my networking as udev seems to be what
>>> starts up the network interface. My question is:
>>> As I dont use or need USB/CD auto detection what is the best way to disable
>>> it. Should I be trying to turn it off at the kernel level (how) or should
>>> I be turning it off at the application layer (how). I did try and install
>>> devfsd but could not get it operate correctly. 
>> If you are using GNOME, go to System > Preferences > Removable Drives
>> and Media (or run gnome-volume-properties), and select the appropriate
>> options. If you are using KDE or XFCE, I don't know.
>> Paul Williams (paul at | Jabber: pwill at
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> Thanks Paul, this may work but its not very scalable and its up to the user
> to resolve. I was looking more at an administrative option to turn this
> option off at a machine level, not user level. I have been able to disable
> most of the configuration stuff from a users medaling mouse clicks to lock
> it down in an enterprise environment. I was wishing to do the same for this
> problem.
This lets you force the setting for various gconf controlled applications.
Works great to force users to lock their screens as well. :)


However, it appears that (from my quick test of unplug/replugging a USB
card reader) are actually messages sent via dbus on the system bus from
HAL, so the correct implementation would be to disable broadcasting
those messages in the first place. Given that some things like avahi are
system messages that are useful, I'd suggest looking at the hal config

I don't know enough about the system to make changes, but suggest taking
a look at the following files:


Hope this helps.

Edward Murrell
edward at

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