Auto detect CD/USB

Daryl Sayers daryl at
Wed Oct 25 00:24:53 BST 2006

>> I am attempting to remove the functionality of the window poping up each time
>> I insert a CD into my server. As my server is servicing up to 10 X-Terminals
>> this window pops up on all 10 user screens. This of course is unacceptable.
>> My problem is that I was originally going to remove udev. When I disable
>> it from loading at boot, it stops my networking as udev seems to be what
>> starts up the network interface. My question is:
>> As I dont use or need USB/CD auto detection what is the best way to disable
>> it. Should I be trying to turn it off at the kernel level (how) or should
>> I be turning it off at the application layer (how). I did try and install
>> devfsd but could not get it operate correctly. 
> If you are using GNOME, go to System > Preferences > Removable Drives
> and Media (or run gnome-volume-properties), and select the appropriate
> options. If you are using KDE or XFCE, I don't know.

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Thanks Paul, this may work but its not very scalable and its up to the user
to resolve. I was looking more at an administrative option to turn this
option off at a machine level, not user level. I have been able to disable
most of the configuration stuff from a users medaling mouse clicks to lock
it down in an enterprise environment. I was wishing to do the same for this

Daryl Sayers

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