Server GUI Configuration Tools

Ivan Krstić krstic at
Mon Oct 23 12:59:07 BST 2006

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> before implementing a GUI tool, we should talk about whether
> to have X installed on a server or not.

This isn't much of a discussion topic; we absolutely won't enable X by
default in Ubuntu Server.

That said, Adam and I tossed around the idea of a "small business
server"-type edition that would install X, and a semi-decent GUI for
configuring the server and daemons. The problem is, no such GUI exists;
what's out there now is just egregious.

Getting server GUI configuration right is a hard problem. I'd be happy
to see a group of people come together to spec this out in detail, and
then get something implemented. The server team can review specs and
answer any questions, and for those looking to get involved in
development, this would be a great project that would -- if done right
-- almost certainly get adopted in other distributions. There's a need
for this tool.

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