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Mon Oct 23 12:04:53 BST 2006

On 10/20/06, Steven Harms <thisdyingdream at> wrote:
> Before I go through redundancy of work, is there a gui interface that is
> supported on ubuntu (or will be (edgy =<)) that will configure apache,
> postfix, nagios,ldap etc?  Or if there is a current team that is working on
> a implementation?  I checked out the ubuntu-server team but I am looking
> specifically at creating a modular pygtk based implementation and I don't
> believe they are heading in the same direction.

I may be wrong, but as far as I know ubuntu-server is installed without
graphical support, as a text-console-only server. I found myself installing
the base X subsystems (only the libraries) to be able to access the server
with X clientes (for instance, with nxclient). So I think that before
implementing a GUI tool, we should talk about whether to have X installed on
a server or not.

I see some advantages of having a server without X - smaller memory
footprint, less things to crash, etc. On the other hand, easy of
configuration (specially for newbies and casual users) suffers. There are
two ways out of this IMHO: either implement a easy GUI (as suggested by
Steve), which will require X installed; or implement a good Web
administration tool, covering at least the basic "LAMP" server - which does
not require X on the server. I don't know if either of these alternatives
can be considered as goals for ubuntu-server project though.

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