mathusalem into 7.04

John Stowers john.stowers.lists at
Mon Oct 23 09:20:33 BST 2006

> I don't know enough about the details of how much is likely to change
> - so I won't givve an opinion either way, but I will point out that a
> recent discussion on gnome-dekstop-devel stated that having modules
> included in a distro was a precursor to their inlusion in Gnome,
> rather than the other way around...
> I think someone clarified this more formally but I can't find it :S
> Basically - we shouldn't stop just because it isn't in Gnome yet

True, but that post was more from the perspective of quality, if
application X is of sufficient quality to sit in distro Y for n
releases then we should consider it for GNOME.

Unfortunately, in the case of muthusalem (and by the authors own
admission) this is not yet the case.


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