mathusalem into 7.04

Ivan Krstić krstic at
Sun Oct 22 12:22:30 BST 2006

Christoffer Sørensen wrote:
> Because he was against it for inclusion in Gnome, does not mean that
> it cannot be included in Ubuntu.

Did you read Steve's message? He is pointedly *not* against inclusion in
Gnome; he is against inclusion in Gnome 2.18, as he believes the
component needs some serious work that he's not able to do on the 2.18
timeline. Instead, he is likely to propose it for inclusion in 2.20.

It would make little sense for Ubuntu to include code considered
unsuitable for inclusion by the upstream author. The correct course of
action is more probably to postpone this for Feisty+1, where it is
likely to be included in Gnome proper.

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