proposal: internet-cafe software

David Prieto frandavid100 at
Sun Oct 22 11:24:37 BST 2006

I would like Ubuntu 7.04 to ship with some kind of internet cafe control
software, since while trying to spread Ubuntu I showed the benefits of
Dapper to some cafe owners and they all liked it, but most told me that
they needed control software to allow or restrict access to the
computers - which is nowhere to be found in Ubuntu's repositories.

I'm no expert in that kind of software, but I managed to find an
application I found satisfactory, Cafe Con Leche
( ) and the good people from Ubuntuforums
even compiled some working .deb packages. This is the thread:
please find the debs in mlind's messages.

I don't think I need to explain how much having this kind of software
would help Ubuntu spread, or how easy it would be to include the debs in
the repos. So, what do you think about the proposal?

Also, I've never created a spec so could you give me a hand in order to
do it well and get some attention? I fear that if I don't explain
everything properly the devs will just ignore it.

PS, another thing I was asked from cafe owners was a software that would
allow them to revert the computer to a previously saved state, i.e.
automatically delete all the shit that users download from the web or
get from their contacts. Is there such a tool in Ubuntu? I just found
Watchpost ( ) which seems to monitor
changes but lacks the deleting part at the moment.

PPS how difficult would it be to create a proper gnome interface for
CCL, or a program to mimic what it does? CCL seems to do the task
alright, but it does stand out when compared to the rest of the program
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