move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

Samir van de Sand samir.vds at
Sat Oct 21 22:45:08 BST 2006

Hi everyone,

I just read the call for specifications for UDS Mountain View. So
here's my idea:

Why not move the Ubuntu channels to Jabber? Jabber provides a feature
called MUC,  where Jabber users can create chat rooms on a jabber
server to communicate with each other. Here are possible reasons why
the Ubuntu channels should move to jabber:
* From the rational point this is a better solution, because you can
use your existing IM program like Gaim and Kopete to connect to the
chat channels.
* In Jabber the Server communicate among each other, which means that
a user which has an account on jabber server a can enter a channel on
server b without connecting to server b and identifying on server b.
* Ubuntu as a free distribution should support the spreading of open
and standardized protocols in the IM world.

What do you guys think about that ?

regards Samir

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