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Samuel Cormier-Iijima sciyoshi at
Sat Oct 21 21:54:03 BST 2006

Forwarding to list... hope you don't mind!

On 10/21/06, Ulrik Mikaelsson <ulrik.mikaelsson at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Staying on the Download-manager track, maybe you should look at FreeLoader
> for reference?
> About YAAL, I used to think _many_ DBUS-applications were just that, but now
> seeing the acceptance DBUS have got for KDE4, I might start to consider it a
> common denominator for KDE and Gnome.
> Please flesh out a bit more what kind of API this daemon would have, but I'd
> say it could be a good idea in general.
> Regards
> / Ulrik

About the DBus interface, I thought that maybe each possible backend
(HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent) could have its own interface. Each download
could be an object, such as
/org/gnome/Torque/Downloads/name_of_download, and would support
whatever interface it corresponded to. The /org/gnome/Torque object
could support calls such as ListProtocols() (returning a list of
supported protocols), StartDownload(protocol, uri, destination), with
signals for progress changes and completion. Each running download
could support a common interface org.gnome.Torque.Download, such as
Stop(), ChangeDestination(path), SetOption(string, option) which could
set protocol-specific options, etc. I might write up a wiki page/spec
about the interface to flesh it out a little more.

Samuel Cormier-Iijima

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