Repeat question

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Sat Oct 21 22:44:11 BST 2006

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Simon Edwards wrote:
> On Thursday 12 October 2006 23:07, you wrote:
>> Are the two maintainers aware of each other - that is, the xserver-xorg
>> one and the kde-guidance?
> I'm aware that xserver-xorg does this kind of thing; but I wasn't planning on
> rewriting the xorg scripts. And the xorg maintain _might_ be aware that
> kde-guidance exists. I vaguely remember saying on this list once that
> kde-guidance had this kind of functionality.
>> It would make sense for them to agree on how
>> the boards should be configured.
> It would make even more sense if the xorg scripts where replaced with the
> Python code in kde-guidance. One less code base, and I hear that the xorg
> scripts are already a bit on the old side.

I will look into doing this.  One issue I noticed is that I never saw an 
xorg install script that would set an Option field on any of the Device 
sections for graphics boards.  There are at least several that need 
Options set for them to function properly - possibly because of bugs in 
the drivers.  I was wondering if the reason there aren't such Option lines 
in the configs isn't because people would rather force the bug to be 
fixed, rather than kludge around it by setting an Option.  In the KDE 
configuration they do in several cases add these options - and I need them 
for my Vaio.

So, if the xorg scripts were replaced with the Python ones, would people 
object that it is setting Options?

   - Mitch

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