Urgent call for testing: Firefox 2.0RC3

Arwyn Hainsworth arwynh+ubuntu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 20:49:08 BST 2006

On 22/10/06, Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> wrote:
> Op zaterdag 21-10-2006 om 10:07 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Eldo
> Varghese:
> > Jan Claeys wrote:
> > > I have lost more data by accidentally pressing Ctrl-W or by clicking
> the
> > > close tab and close window buttons.  Should they be removed/disabled
> > > too?
> > No it just means that you put in an undo option, but thats not the point
> > its association: I associate deleting objects with backspace/delete key
> > not spacial navigation.
> You mean you also want to remove Space = "page down",

This can not cause accidental data loss, but it does go against the
association rule, so having it set to 'nothing' might be better. I doubt
this will happen because usability rules tend to be overridden by users who
are used to the old way of doing things.

Tab/Shift+Tab =
> "next/previous form field"

It would be nice to be able to enter tabs into text fields in browsers, yes.
The tab button does not have an association problem however, since it has
long been associated with navigation as ell as text entry.

, Return/Enter = "submit form", etc. then?

The current behaviour differs between <textarea> and <input>. In a
<textarea> the 'enter' key will add a newline, but in an <input> it will
'submit' the form. This can be quite confusing since both <textarea> and
<input type='text'> look very similar graphically.

Perhaps a better shortcut would be 'next-form-field' or 'move focus to the
submit button without clicking it', so hitting enter twice would provide the
old behaviour, but prevent the form from being submitted prematurely.

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