SPEC : Write Support For NTFS

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Oct 18 23:46:45 BST 2006

Florent Mertens wrote:
> The idea is not to make it default, because there is still some issue
> that are not acceptable for a default install, but trying to make it
> really easily installable for new users. 
> Our suggestions are :
> - Make it known by bringing it into main, and create a desktop file for
> gnome-app-install.
> - Make it easily configurable :
>   - External devices : there is currently no easy way to mount
>   them with ntfs-3g. Our specification try to solve this problem, with
>   a zero config method.
>   - Internal devices : Changing /etc/fstab is the only way for them. We 
>   should provide an easy documentation to do it.
> I wanted to have some feedback of the community before register it in
> launchpad.

This is a longstanding feature request. If you think this is getting
ready for prime time, it would be good if someone from your team could
come to UDS Mountain View (Nov 5-11) to present it and make the case.

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